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We recently moved from our small-town into the city! Wichita, KS may not seem like a "city" if you're from New York or LA, but coming from our little town of 1500, it definitely seems like a city to us!

But we love it here and are enjoying living closer to family, and having some adventures. My new office is in the space where the formal dining room would be. Since we're not formal people, the space is put to much better use this way. 

I love having my office just off the foyer and just off the kitchen. I've always liked writing in the hub of things where I can watch for the mail and UPS deliveries, and where I can fix a quick snack to eat while I work. And of course, the coffee bar in my office is always just a few steps away. 

The blue door (the door to my imagination?) is the newest addition to my office and is the creation of my talented niece Courtney. It's red on the other side, and I can't wait to decorate for Christmas with it!

My little Keurig coffee corner is still one of my favorite things about my office, and I found a new use for the mailbox cubbies (originally used in a small-town bank) that I discovered in an antique store years ago. It held office supplies in my last office, but now it houses several dozen mugs. Most of my mugs were gifts from friends or publishers, or they are souvenirs of favorite places, so I'm delighted to have a place I can store and enjoy them all. 
So many of my favorite things in my office were created by talented friends and family: pillows and matching bag by Sara, a mug tree my dad crafted, the turquoise "shabby chic" table legs that were a gift from our oldest son, a burlap birdie my sister gave as a house-warming gift, the colorful stripey pitcher from long-time friend Terry, trinkets from my Club Deb friends, a footstool my husband built in high school, and so much more. I'm surrounded by reminders of all the people I love. 

My dad welded this "menu wheel" where I display all those papers and cards that are too pretty to relegate to the trash can. He built the reference bookcase the coffee shop rests on, too.

Below is the view from the kitchen into my office...so welcoming with the sun shining in.

We live just a few minutes from several Starbucks shops now, and less than a mile from libraries and bookstores and art galleries and shops of every sort. I think we're really going to enjoy this next chapter in our lives, but you know, I'll always be a small-town girl – a farmer's daughter – at heart. And even in the city, I still like to write in the great outdoors whenever Kansas weather allows.
[Click here, if you'd like to see how my office was set up in our small-town house.]
I think my office is about as cool as they come, but you should see my husband's office space in the view-out basement of our new place. Come take a look...