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Cats and kittens are the topic in my email box since my guest column for Suzanne Beecher's popular DearReader feature went out to her more than 350,000 readers. I've been enjoying Suzanne's book club for years - probably more because of the charming note Suzanne posts with the book selection each day than for the selection itself. When she went on vacation last year, she asked me if I'd fill in and write a guest column. That story, about my husband's grandparents (who are doing very well and celebrated their 79th wedding anniversary in May) brought in over 350 emails from Suzanne's readers. What a delight it was to hear from so many! Click on the appropriate link to read this year's column, see more pictures of the kittens I wrote about, or sign up for one of the book clubs yourself. Happy reading, and as Suzanne always says, "It's so good to read with friends."

August 2007 - I've had the privilege of knowing my husband's wonderful grandparents for almost 35 years now. They are in their late nineties now and sadly, Grandpa had to be moved to a nursing home a few weeks ago. It was hard to see Grandma and Grandpa separated, but they've proven that it takes more than mere miles to separate two people who've been married for over 78 years. That's right...that's not a typo. Lord willing, come next May we will celebrate Grandma and Grandpa's 79th anniversary! Can you even imagine being married that long? Makes the 33 years my husband and I celebrated last month seem like a drop in the bucket. We're not even halfway to 78! But because of the example Grandma and Grandpa have set by their devotion to each other, I feel pretty certain that we'll at least make it till "death do us part."

UPDATE: Grandpa will celebrated his 99th birthday this Thanksgiving, Grandma will celebrated her 98th on New Years Day, and Lord willing, they will celebrate their 80th anniversary next May. Grandma remains on the farm with the help of my devoted mother-in-law and they all continue to be a blessing in our lives.

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